12 Monkeys

Terry Gilliam is a genius. Plain and simple. I remember as a kid that Time Bandits always freaked me out everytime it was on HBO, but I couldn’t turn it off. It was so creepy and dirty looking. Then came Brazil (or at least, that’s the order I saw them in) and my fear was replaced with confusion. I still don’t completely understand Brazil, but I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you, I hardly understand the Dukes of Hazzard. Anyway, I had very, very high hopes for this here monkey movie… and I wasn’t disappointed.
This is neat because we can see the world from all sides of the apocalypse; before, during and after. The future looked great. Reminded me a lot of City of Lost Children, as far as the neat devices and low-tech gadgets went. (I think the trick to make those look neat, is to make them brassy). Anyway, apocalypse by plague, which is always a nice change. And I really liked the actors… yes, yes, I know that Brad Pitt was in it, but I thought he did pretty good. We can argue about it later.
Like I was saying, 12 Monkeys makes you feel dizzy and almost nauseous, during and afterwards. I took that as a sign that it was actually affecting me, rather than my usual movie-watching state. (i.e. Beer, Popcorn, Bathroom, Beer) I mean, I was really interested in what was happening. So, I recommend this one through the roof. If you want a really disturbed, but fun, evening, then get this one and City of Lost Children in one night. I guarantee you will feel weird afterwards. Just remember to pay very close attention. There is much you will miss otherwise.
Doh! I almost forgot. I wanted to ask peoples opinion on the dream sequence. You know, how the guy with the briefcase who gets shot is always different? My theory is that they were actually changing time with their actions, even though they didn’t think this was possible. Or, maybe Bruce Willis just had a lousy memory? Let me know what you think.

12 Monkeys (1995) Starring: Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis
12 Monkeys (1995) Starring: Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis

Note: This original review was written sometime during 1996-1997, when I was a drunken, twenty-something nincompoop. I am no longer that person. Or, that is to say, I am in my thirties now. 😉