Nuclear Coleslaw: Episode 3 – Bad Deal

So, I got some shit for the high praise I lavished on Episode 1 of this series.  But I still stand by it.  It was damned enjoyable.  I think they are actually up to Episode 4, but I haven’t made it that far yet.  Episode 2 wasn’t that great, so I’m pretending it never happened.  But, Episode 3 – “Bad Deal” is a fun little short.  Apparently the premise of this series is that it takes place in the Fallout metaverse or something.  That just seems to drive home the point that I need to start playing that damn game.  Anyway, here’s the episode.  Enjoy!

Review: The Last Days of Planet Earth

Holy crap, The Last Days of Planet Earth was kooky. It’s Japanese, first of all, and I’m guessing that it was made-for-t.v. Anyway, if I had to say what the cause of the apocalpyse is in this movie, I’d have to say Nostradamus. Yeah… that’s right… Nostradamus.  Or, if you want me to get specific, then it’d be apocalypse by Giant Slugs, Radioactive Bats, Pollution, Radiation, Nuclear War, Riots… sheesh. See, they just show what the world would be like if all of his predictions come true… Yep, it’s a whopper. The movie is a little slow at times, but just wait a few mintues and you’ll be greeted with happy surprises like mutant hopping children, and leeches the size of your arm.
The really big plus to The Last Days of Planet Earth is the theme music. I liked it so much that i’m making a new band that will only do sci-fi movie themes… or originals that sounds just like them. “Theme from Last Days of Planet Earth” will be our first song. It’s got this wacked-out theremin going, or some other noise that sounds like that spooky woo-woo junk you hear in scary movies. Fantastic.
Little things about this movie boggle me. I can’t imagine how it got made and why they did some things they way the did. I mean, there are huge explosions (albeit in miniature.. but still) and then there are big car crashes and junk… so obviously they weren’t entirely broke when they made it. But, then when the radioactive bats swoop down and attack, they have visible strings all over the place. Maybe this is a joke? But I really doubt it. Anyway, no matter what you are expecting, this movie will blow you away… just maybe not in the way that you are expecting.

Last Days of Planet Earth (1979)
Last Days of Planet Earth (1979)