I started this page in January of ’96, I think. I was on this real heavy movie-watching binge and I decided that Post-Apocalyptic movies were the way to go. Sadly, there were no pages for these kind of movies out there, so I started this. Little did I know how much it would absorb me.

Since then, I heard from all sorts of people. Guys who are building V-8 Interceptors (like Mad Max’s), video junkies (like myself), and total crackpots. The crackpots are the best part. Someone even warned me once. Told me that this “trip” I’m on is way heavier than I think. I wrote it off to some beatnick type.

Anyway, these movies and pages are dedicated to the end of the world and running wild. I always love to hear from more people about new ideas and movies. And, we are always accepting guest reviews. If you’ve even had dreams about the end of the world, I’d like to hear about it. For awhile I was plagued with them. Well, I’ll let you go now. If you are smart, you should turn off your computer and start hoarding gas, beer and cheese curls. But the rest of you can check this out.