Short Video: “Nuclear Coleslaw” (It’s got hookers!)

So, I got an e-mail over the weekend that I almost just deleted because it was so short that it looked like spam. I'll show you what I mean:

Thought your readers might like this clip:

Its part of a series we're developing.



P.S.  Like your site.

Thank heaven's that I didn't delete it, and, instead went to watch the 6+ minute short.  It's pretty damn RAD!

As a guy who has watched way too many post-apocalyptic movies, I can say, without exaggeration, that this short film is better than at least 50% of the full-length PA movies I have ever seen.  Of course, the real trick will be to keep this momentum going in the rest of the installments.  But, I think these guys will be able to pull it off.

I went scrounging around their Youtube page trying to gleam any more information about this project and the only thing I found was this:

A post-apocalyptic dark comedy about a man trying to get some hookers. Part of a series entitled "Nuclear Coleslaw."

Well, at least this makes them mysterious!  Anyway, check out the video:

3 thoughts on “Short Video: “Nuclear Coleslaw” (It’s got hookers!)”

  1. This sucks. Acting bad, CGI effect bad. Are you serious?
    The fact you think it is good makes you a bad PA movie reviewer and makes me stop reading your blog.

  2. I love it! You found a website where the “reviewer”, who describes himself as a drunken goon, reviews an amateur youtube short. Then you are disappointed with the quality of the movie and the review. Although, when I read what you wrote, at first I thought you were talking about Waterworld.

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