The Drill (yowzers)

Ever since I started this website (1996?) I’ve been pretty excited (and slightly freaked out) by the e-mails I get.  In the early days almost all the e-mail was from survivalist types and they were usually giving me tips about what I should be hoarding and what skills I should be developing for the End Times.  It got to the point where if I saw that the e-mail was sent from the Contact Form on the old site, I knew it was just going to reek of crazy.

Well, things are slightly changing.  Now I mostly get e-mails from people developing/promoting films or festivals or whatnot.  Heck, I’m not complaining.  Any apocalypse-related e-mail is a good thing in my book.  But, sometimes I really miss the crazy factor.  Heck, what would be better would be a crazy e-mail promoting some sort of insane movie, right?  Heh.. wait for it.

Well, today I was trying to clean up my 900+ message inbox and I found a few messages from the site that I must have skipped over somehow.  One of them was promoting a post-apocalyptic movie called “The Drill“.  The old me would have had a field day with this one, but the new me just wants to present the information and let you all make up your own minds.

Here’s a plot synopsis from The Drill Website:

In the future, conflict between the entangled world governments and religeons will bring civilization to an end.
From the ashes of destruction a new world will eventually rise

until then…

A farmer, will toil in the wasteland, doing anything to provide for his family. Against drought, famine and opression -they will fight for survival.

their biggest threat…

A mysterious cult (The Tower Of Light), formed in the underground shelters after WWIII, the first and most powerful to rise, will seize the opportunity to dominate and shape the world in their own image -it will fight for control.

there is only one thing standing in it’s way…

A lone rebel, surrounded by the lore of murderous-drill-weilding-madman, will do anything to bring down the cult. When his motives are finally made clear, it will be too late -he will
fight for revenge.

Yup.  The hero kills people with drills.  But all sorts of drills, apparently.  Hell, even his motorcycle is a drill!  My favorite still is “The Drill” emerging from the ocean with some sort of speargun drill and a old school deep sea diver’s helmet.

"The Drill" - This time, he's enjoying some SCUBA

Click that image if you want to see more images from their Stills Gallery.  There is also a trailer for The Drill and you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t go and check that little beauty out.  Just try and not get any crazy on yourself while you are over there.  Although, in all fairness, this looks like something I would have watched when I was making my way through all of the Italian post-apocalyptic movies from the mid 80s… so I guess it’s not really that crazy.  Just be careful.