Trailer: Duty of Living

So, I’m wading through 800 old e-mail messages (apparently I caught senior-itis in October) and I found one from the producer of a new movie called The Duty of Living. It looks pretty great, but check out the trailer for yourself.

The Duty of Living – Official Trailer from Brandon Hunt on Vimeo.
Juan Riedinger is starring in this feature (Hardwired, Jennifer’s Body, The Day the Earth Stood Still).  I’m actually pretty excited about it.  Based on the trailer, it looks like it will spend more time on the human drama of a zombie apocalypse instead of all the exploding brains and whatnot (don’t get me wrong.. both are good).  We just don’t really get that angle very often.

I’m also excited for this film because of the sense of tension that you get in the trailer.  You know how the best horror movies of the seventies spent a lot of time establishing tension (almost to the point of uncomfortableness) before the horror really kicked in.  I get that impression from this trailer…. and I like it!