Road Warrior Weekend (and I wasn’t invited?)

So, a few days ago I got an e-mail from Liz at LA Weekly telling me about a bitchin’ party (that I apparently missed).  However, she made the classic mistake of sending me an e-mail somewhere after 4pm.  You see, depending on the day, e-mails during that window are likely to be forgotten as a result of a) the crushing tedium of the workday building up to a sensory-depriving overload or b) early post-work celebratory beers.  So, unfortunately, I forgot all about it until today.  But you are gonna be psyched that I remembered.

Here’s the deal, it’s a weekend-long party in the middle of the desert with people in Road Warrior costumes and much, much more.  They had a functioning Gyrocopter and two Interceptors (painted to match the first two movies) and it sure looks like you could drive them?!  Oh yeah… they had a THUNDERDOME!  I’m not sure if they had a wheel or what transgression resulted in the spinning of said wheel, but based on the pictures, some sweet battles went down in the ‘dome.

Speaking of pictures, check out this cute couple.

Road Warrior Couple from Road Warrior Weekend
Road Warrior Couple from Road Warrior Weekend

On the subject of cute, I think I can explain the tragic oversight that occurred when I wasn’t invited (despite the fact that I have been running a post-apocalyptic website since 1996).  Look at all the pictures.  These people are shimmering, golden gods!  Nary a fat guy to be seen and the ladies are foxes.  I was expecting to see the real life equivalent of Comic Book Guy (from The Simpsons) squeezed into some sort of half-ass Master Blaster costume.  Nope.

Ok.  So.. did I mention the functioning Gyrocopter?  Wait.. yup, I did.  And I mentioned the foxy ladies?  Well then, it sounds like it’s time for this picture.

Gryocopter Babe from Road Warrior Weekend
Gryocopter Babe from Road Warrior Weekend

Trust me.. there is a Gyrocopter in that picture.  Give it another look… don’t worry, it took me about 20 minutes to see it.  Something kept distracting me.

So, I guess you get the gist of it.  It’s like Comicon meets Burning Man, inside the Thunderdome.  Here’s an excerpt from one of the posts:

Road Warrior Weekend wasn’t your typical fandom convention. There were no stuffy hotels, no lines to pile into meeting rooms, no overpriced convention center lunches. Instead, this one-time-only event brought fans of the Mad Max series out to Southern California’s High Desert for a three-day, post-apocalyptic campground party.

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So, if this thing goes down again, I better get freaking invited.  Sheesh.. ok.  I’ll hit the gym and the tanning salon first.  Jeez.