Apocalypse Survival Tools

You know, sometimes you just have to know your market.  I kept noticing time and time again that people would find my site by searching for apocalypse or post-apocalyptic and they'd click on a movie and then they'd end up buying survival gear.  Hmm.. that got me thinking.  Why don't we have some links so that folks can make their own End-of-the-world survival kit.  I mean, I know I posted about the Emergency Zombie Defense Station, but what if you want to build that.... for real.

Well, I'm hardly an expert on survival (to be honest, I'm not much of an expert on anything) but, you know who is?  Apparently, my readers, that's who.  So, without further smart-ass comment, I'm just going to list some of the things that readers of the site have bought and let you draw your own conclusions.  I think if you had a handful of these apocalypse survival tools that you'd do just fine when the end of the world finally arrives, whether it's zombie or plague-flavored.

There ya have it. Let me know if you think of something else that should be on this list of Post-Apocalyptic Surivival Tools.