Post-Apocalyptic Movie References in Sports Even?

Yup.  It’s coming.  No, not the end.  (Well.. maybe it is).  What is coming?  The second Golden Age of post-apocalyptic movies!  How do I know?   Umm.. derr.  I’m pretty sure when sports writers reference post-apocalyptic cinema to describe poor attendance at a Pirates game that we are pretty much here already.

Here is the links to the post-apocalyptic scene they are describing:

It got me thinking, though.  Post-apocalyptic sports league?  Hmm… pretty rad idea actually.  It’s made more poignant by the fact that I’m actually on a drinking team called “The Zombies”.  What’s a drinking team, you might ask?  Ah, that’s a group of people who like to get discounted drinks (often given to local sports teams).  So, what does that group do?  Why, make their own team uniforms, of course.  I’m number 82 on our imaginary baseball team.  Yes, we enjoy beer that much.