News: Roddenberry’s Genesis II and Planet Earth Coming to DVD

Why is it that I have to learn of "Genesis II" from a Star Trek blog?  Am I slipping?!  How in the world is it possible that I've never heard of this, apparently failed, TV show?  Gah!  Then they tried to redo it as "Planet Earth" and this time it's an all-women planet.  Um.. rad!

News: Post-apocalyptic pet fashion

Why didn't I think of it first?  I mean, sure, we are going to need companionship on the lonely wasteland treks, so why not get something that is both "rad" and functional?  Dave, over at gives us three options to choose from.  Rating both their coolness and utility.  I'm hoping for something large, semi-sentient and mutated, but... a tiger would also be awesome.

News: University of Florida’s Zombie Attack Plan

You'd expect the university to have plans and procedures for dealing with hurricanes and other natural disasters.  But, let's applaud the foresight that it must have taken to draft a plan for dealing with "flesh-eating, apparently life impaired individuals."  Yup, that's right, they have a plan for dealing with flesh-eating zombie attack.  Freaking awesome!

News: The Top 5 Books That Will Help You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse – Eugene Morton

From what appears to be some sort of video game blog, G4, we get Eugene Morton's "The Top 5 Books That Will Help You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse".  Of course The Zombie Survival Guide is in there, but my other favorite?  "Playboy: 50 years, the photographs".  Heh.  Rad.

Review: Waterworld

Hmm... Halfway through this one, I had decided I was going to tell you guys this, "I expected this movie to suck so badly that I was pleasantly surprised." This was, however, before I had finished this monstrosity. It came at me with a wicked case of Independence Day-itis. Stupid puns and one liners and ridiculous action ruined it. But, let's not talk about that, hmmm? Let's talk about the beginning.
The first 1/2 or so of this movie was even good, I would go as far to say. I mean, sure, it is just Road Warrior on water, but who said that is bad? I mean, I wouldn't mind seeing Road Warrior of the classroom or something. It also had neat gadgets, and you know what a sucker I am for that kinda junk. I don't think they thought out all of their ideas very clearly, so you really had to want to believe in the movie. For example, dirt is rare and precious, yet spam is as easy to come by as salt water? Didn't all that junk sink to the bottom of the ocean?
Now that I think about it, if you were going to compare this movie to the Mad Max series, I would compare it to Beyond Thunderdome. I mean, Kevin is already getting old (and he's got long hair) and there is no edge or roughness to the movie. It also has the same Peter Pan-ish quality as Beyond. Did anyone else think they ripped off the crazy air balooner character from the sidekick in Road Warrior? I mean, they both operate goofy flying machines and they are completely bonkers.
Anyway... I'm not going to talk about the end of this movie, or the Valdez joke (which was horrendous) , instead I'll tell you this. If you rent it, pay no more than $1. Then turn the movie off at the first sign of ridiculousness. Well, maybe not the first sign... but if you passed the 1/2 point... it's all over.

Waterworld (1995)
Waterworld (1995)