Stoner Apocalypse (in poster form)

So, I mentioned this crazy-ass Apocalypse poster on Twitter a week or so ago and I wanted to bring it up again.   Here's a picture, in case you forgot:

Tom Masse (Apocalypse) Black Wood-Mounted Art Poster Print - 22" X 32"
Tom Masse (Apocalypse) Black Wood-Mounted Art Poster Print - 22" X 32"

I just can't stop looking at this thing and fantasizing about it's origins and the person who created it.  Now I have some theories.  Tom Masse (the original artist of this beauty) was either

a) a raving lunatic
b) an occult wizard
c) a super-stoned 17-year-old dude who loves Dungeons and Dragons

My money is on c).  I wish the picture was bigger on Amazon so I could see all the details.  I guess that means I should be buying the poster.  But, from what I can see, it appears that Tiamat and the Four Horseman are hanging out on top of piles of corpses.  They are probably talking about The Office or 30 Rock.  I mean, this is probably their equivalent of the water cooler, right?  Also, it looks like maybe there is a 5th horseman who is flying a chopper?  Or, perhaps that is Chopper Dave, from Sealab?  In any case.  I love it!

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