Emergency Zombie Defense Station

Ok.  Two things.

  1. You NEED This
  2. You NEED to become buddies with this guy, right?

Oh wait, I didn't show you the picture yet.  Here ya go:

Zombie Defense Kit

I know, right?  AWESOME!  Reading the description of the kit, you find out that there are some surprises:

I really liked the transparent riot shields used in 28 Days Later and I figured, "Why not make the case multi-functional at the same time?"  So when the plexi-glass cover is removed it becomes the perfect protection against zombie related carnage and splatter.

Also, in case you've never been attacked by zombies before (and you've never watch any movies that end with "of the dead") then there are some handy dandy instructions:

Zombie Defense Kit Instructions
Zombie Defense Kit Instructions

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